"When we all commit to eradicating adverse childhood experiences, we’ll end this never-ending trauma. We wrote this book for the general public, because they need to know what’s happening, and they need to channel their outrage in a way that pressures all the institutions we pay for into making the end of trauma a priority. But we also wrote this book for people who work in those institutions, and we hope it can serve as a blueprint for where you take this fight in the future."

—From Anna, Age Eight, Chapter Nine: Get the data and make a plan: Why we all live in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Creating safe childhoods and resilient families requires the support of all the lawmakers in your region. These stakeholders in your city should be kept updated on your organization’s work. Consider monthly email updates sent to your:

  • Mayor and city councilors
  • County manager and commissioners
  • School superintendent and school board members
  • State senators and representatives

A good starting point is introducing your Resilience Leaders work, and free chapter of Anna, Age Eight, to all key stakeholders with a question: What is the strategy for preventing childhood trauma and maltreatment, now at epidemic levels?

Locate your local officials directly and anonymously through the resource page.

For more information about engaging with your local lawmakers, please contact us.